What’s Your Type?

What’s my type?

Jaysis, I don’t know!

For me, it has always proved a very difficult question to answer honestly.

Can it really be narrowed down to a short list of characteristics?

Is it simply a matter of choosing between two round, fleshy body parts?

Or is it just a question of swiping left or right?

It all depends on what you are looking for at a particular moment in time, I suppose.

I think that if we are honest with ourselves though, there are certain things which we are all looking for. Or at least, we deserve to have in our lives, even if we are not aware of it just yet.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve had a think about it nonetheless.

So, what’s my type…

The type of person who provides the spark that sets your heart alight.

The type of person who you can happily share a dance with- even if there is no music playing- only the beating of your hearts to guide you.

The type of person who makes you want to become the very best of yourself, because they deserve the very best.

The type of person whose inner beauty shines bright on the outside, and touches every person who comes in contact with it.

The type of person who can make you feel completely vulnerable- yet utterly invincible- all at once.

The type of person who injects beauty into the seemingly ordinary, making you stop in your tracks and appreciate every single moment.

The type of person who reaches into the depths of your soul, and touches places that you never even knew existed.

Her soul is in every note, in every chord. I can’t remember every detail of our joint story, but I know that she and I have met before. And long may she continue to enfold me in the energy of love, because love is the only thing that will save us, independent of any mistakes we make. Love is always stronger.

– Paulo Coelho

The type of person who has the key to open doors which lead to far away lands, where time and space cease to exist, and where everything makes sense, and nothing else matters, because you exist there together, as one.

The type of person who makes you realise that everything in your life has happened for a very special reason.

The type of person who gives love true meaning.