Week 9: The Higher Plane

As I set off on this wonderful journey 9 weeks ago, I could never have predicted the degree to which my body and mind would flourish, as a result of embracing healthy fats. Even more astounding to me- and this is going to sound way out there- has been the way in which I have at times been able to transcend the limits of conscious thought.

Eh, what?

I know, I know. And let me tell you, it’s a surreal feeling. I mentioned in previous weeks about how my energy levels have gone through the roof, and that I feel as though I am doing more meaningful and productive work. I have a burning desire and insatiable hunger to do more, and I literally feel as though I can’t have a bad day.

Those facts remain, but more recently things have progressed even further. I’ve found that I am often operating on a higher frequency, with a more acute awareness of the self.

I would usually enter this higher plane of consciousness when I am doing that which feeds my soul, writing. I mean, I’ve experienced it before, but only on that rare occasion when I was able to completely withdraw. I’m sure a lot of you have experienced it. It descends upon us when we are pursuing a burning passion- that which consumes our entire being- and when we are engrossed fully in the action, hours pass like seconds, and we will often forget to eat or sleep.

Nowadays though, particularly within the last week, it’s as if I have the ability to go to this place even when I am not immersed in the process itself. At seemingly random times throughout the day, vivid imagery reveals itself in my minds eye, illustrating details of how I can improve my craft, offering up ideas and suggestions of what steps to take next, and all the while, I am made aware of the boundless possibilities available to me.

I’ve had to walk around with a pen and a set of cue cards in my pocket all week, anticipating that I may, at any stage, transcend this realm of consciousness and be presented with some sort of enlightened instruction.

That’s all well and good, but where does my consumption of healthy fats fit into this whole idea of transcendence.

I think for it to be possible to be able to tap into this boundless channel of information, I not only have to be open and willing to receive, but my body and mind should be harmoniously aligned with my soul. This I feel, is where my nutrition has played a huge part.

I feel as though I am much more balanced, and everything I decide to expose myself to, including the food I eat, has a significant contribution. By getting on top of my nutrition, I have given myself the opportunity to perform at an optimum, and evidently spiritual, level.

I’m no expert in this area, and I’m not exactly sure how it comes to pass. I just know that whether or not you think it exists, or believe it to be true, is irrelevant, because the mind-expanding experience is the same regardless.

If I’m completely honest, I was sort of unsure as to what I would write about this week. I simply started putting pen to paper, and instantly found myself effortlessly sinking into that place where the words just flow, and the world around me turns to a mushy haze of colours and shapes.

I become a channel, some would argue for creativity, but whatever the case may be, something is being transmitted.

The most important thing of all, is that with it comes boundless joy. That nurturing act of feeding our soul, and fulfilling our purpose, is why we are here.


It becomes more and more evident, that this isn’t some sort of 12 week slog to get in shape. It is more like a sustainable lifestyle choice- built upon ‘The Guru’s’ principles of simplicity and effectiveness- which will radically change the way you think, feel and act.

I suspect that I will continue on this wonderful journey of self-discovery long after the 3 months have elapsed, but in keeping with my mantra of reflection and celebration of progress along a particular path, and to mark the special occasion, a Toblerone the size of my forearm will depart the physical realm, and finally come to fulfil it’s destiny.

On March 20th I will be running the Seoul Marathon in aid of Aware. If you would like to make a donation, please feel free to jump over to my JustGiving page. It’s for a great cause! Thank you so much for the support..!

Fionn McSwiney is a PhD researcher and lecturer at Waterford IT; a specialist in the field of Exercise Science and Nutrition. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram– seek out the experts.