Week 8: Inner Circle Inspiration

Time to check in once more, and I’m delighted to report another hugely dominant 7 days. After spending the weekend across the water in Shanghai with my beautiful girlfriend, and having taken part in a mind-expanding regression therapy session (more on that later), I felt compelled to do some reflecting this week.

As with any new undertaking, and especially when it comes to a new health regime, it is sometimes nice to have others alongside you, who are perhaps going through similar experiences, and who can relate to the journey you are embarking upon.

You encourage each other, feed off each others momentum, motivate each other, and support one another, on a daily basis. You feel a sense of accountability for the other while celebrating each little success along the way, and it can bring you closer together as a result.

It is particularly special when they are people close to you.

Áinj enjoying a bulletproof coffee!

Áine has been immensely supportive of me throughout this whole ‘project of self improvement’, for want of a better expression. Whether it be smuggling endless sachets of cashew butter across from China, imparting her culinary wisdom, or leading the way in a 20 km run, she not only supports and encourages me with her words, but also through her actions.

She’s a constant beacon of inspiration- I’m incredibly lucky.

She started working with ‘The Guru’ 3 weeks ago, and has been loving her journey so far.

I am enjoying my new routine, especially the planning and prepping of my meals. It has encouraged me to think creatively- a blueberry omelette with cashew and coconut butter might just change your life forever!

– Áinj

James started his high-fat journey a week after I did, and it has been hugely uplifting to witness the changes in him. I won’t divulge his numbers, but let’s just say that in just 6 weeks he has undergone a serious transformation, both physically and mentally.

He is a very different animal nowadays.

Jimjy fuelling up!

I love it. The mental and physical benefits are endless. More specifically, immediately after eating or during a workout, the feeling is crazy! It is as if your body is thanking you for putting good fuel into it, as opposed to the slow, sluggish, even depressed feeling I used to get after eating the wrong type of food (or drink). I will never look at food the same way again.

– Jimjy

I am very grateful to not only be able to share in this amazing experience with loved ones, but to walk the same path as them and encourage each other along the way. As for witnessing their lives change for the better, and to be able to completely relate and celebrate together, well I can’t really put into words how amazing that feels.

One thing I have no intention of sharing however, is still sitting in the bottom of the fridge in it’s prism shaped box.

All in good time, Pidj.

On March 20th I will be running the Seoul Marathon in aid of Aware. If you would like to make a donation, please feel free to jump over to my JustGiving page. It’s for a great cause! Thank you so much for the support..!

Fionn McSwiney is a PhD researcher and lecturer at Waterford IT; a specialist in the field of Exercise Science and Nutrition. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram– seek out the experts.