Week 4: (Training) Partner In Crime

The week began with a trip to the airport- Áine was in town! It couldn’t have gotten off to a better start.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a visit from my girlfriend would perhaps see my progress halted; chilling, eating out, skipping workouts?

It wasn’t the case- in fact- the opposite is true.

We took to the hills of Namsan on Saturday night for a breathtaking- and unrelenting- 8 km uphill climb. That set the tone for what was to be another hugely productive 7 days; milestones continue to be surpassed.

In the kitchen, my luck with avocados took a turn. On Sunday evening we strolled to the supermarket hoping- against all hope- to find a shelf full of soft, brownish/ purple avocados. And, there they were. I nearly wet myself; a kid in a candy store.

I also tried something new during the week, by introducing a handful of black olives to my lunch menu. I didn’t really think it through, and just assumed it would be a seamless transition. How wrong I was.

Tuna, avocado and cream cheese is by far my favourite option at lunchtime, and I have it most days. A perfect balance of flavours, with each component perfectly complimenting the other; rich in fat, delicious, majestic, almost artistic.

Adding those olives to my most cherished lunch, was akin to taking Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, and Neymar, and throwing Paul McShane in amongst them.

Needless to say, the olives got the curly finger.

Another lesson learned.

Áine also began to flex her culinary muscles midweek, when she whipped up a batch of protein balls. As the cool kids would say, my post workout snack game is now ‘on point’? These babies are on another level.

My Toblerone stays at arms length, for now.

With regard to my training, now that I am fully fat adapted (see week 3), I’ve found that not only are my performance levels increasing, but I am also quick to recover.

I am stronger in every aspect.

Preparation for the Seoul Marathon has gone up a level. I was due to clock a big run come the end of the week, and I had my mind set on a 20 km. Unsure if I was up to it, a welcome text from Jimmy offered up some encouragement.

The body always follows the head.

– Jimjy

Yet another milestone surpassed, with Áine leading the way.

Each week has seen major improvements in how I think, feel, look, and operate on a daily basis.

I go to bed feeling excited to wake up and have breakfast; excited to reap the many benefits of fuelling my body in such a way that allows me to perform at my optimal level, physically and mentally, with purpose and direction.

It just continues to get better and better; the journey continues.

On March 20th I will be running the Seoul Marathon in aid of Aware. If you would like to make a donation, please feel free to jump over to my JustGiving page. It’s for a great cause! Thank you so much for the support..!

Fionn McSwiney is a PhD researcher and lecturer at Waterford IT; a specialist in the field of Exercise Science and Nutrition. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram– seek out the experts.