The Last First Kiss

I could have stayed in that coffee shop forever.

Hours disguised as minutes, while I clung desperately to your every word.

You offered up opportunities whereby I could come clean, but I declined.

A coward; afraid of what might be.

I had hoped that your thoughts echoed mine, but I couldn’t have been certain.

My intuition blurred by your radiant smile, my instincts distorted by the warmth of your soul.

It was all I could do to string a couple of words together, let alone try and articulate what I was feeling.

Correspondence over the previous months had exposed our vulnerable side; a vulnerability that brought us closer together, yet still, kept us at a safe distance.

And there we were, sitting opposite each other, so close that I could smell the perfume on your neck, and it scared the life out of me.

Words poured onto the page from afar- a deep river flowing from within.

Yet, sitting across from you, gazing into sanguine, sophisticated eyes, words failed me.

Every single event in my life had transpired in order to lead me to you; a blissful yet paralyzing realization.

I had always known it was you- the person whom Zeus had ferociously torn me away from in a century past.

And now, my seemingly distorted intuition was guiding me to a place where life as I knew it would never be the same.

I wanted nothing more than to burst through that door, and never look back.

But before I could reach out, you grabbed my hand and pulled me through.

In an instant, you opened up my eyes to a world where everything made perfect sense.

Everything about the beauty and magic of life was made abundantly clear to me; a divine awakening of the soul.

The purest expressions of love which make life worth living.

Trembling under the night sky in an adrenaline infused embrace, my heart did all that it could to explode out of my chest.

Centuries lost in time, traversing parallel universes, countless incarnations spent searching.

A brief moment of hesitation, before two worlds collide.

Then, in an eruption of vibrant light, our lips were reunited, and we were complete again.

Indeed, our lives will never be the same, twin flame.