The Courage Within

Imagine for a second, that you have just landed yourself a new and exciting job in your area of expertise. You salivate over the details of a delicious, permanent contract, with all the trimmings: handsome salary, health coverage, promotion and training opportunities, paid holidays, and a pension. To make the prospect even more appealing, this new position requires you to relocate (not terribly far from home) to one of the world’s most dynamic metropolitan cities. For all intents and purposes, it’s a position that you could have only dreamed about back in your university days, when you lived off beans on toast, and worked part time in a shit-hole for peanuts.

You jump at the opportunity, of course, but you soon come to realise that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. You find yourself surrounded by narrow-minded, materialistic drones who appear to have it all but do nothing except bitch and moan; you observe from the periphery, a vicious cycle of feeding misery and emptiness with overpriced brunches, car upgrades, and annual trips to South East Asia. What you perceived to be your dream job, has revealed itself to be your worst nightmare. You are unfulfilled, dissatisfied, and it soon becomes clear that this is not what you want out of life. So what do you do?…

He told them to shove it. 

Indulge me if you would, and imagine again, that upon releasing yourself from that empty existence, thereby returning to your old job and settling back into the comfort of home, that previously repressed thoughts of one day travelling the world become more prominent. Your priorities have changed, and the lens through which you once perceived life has been widened; you have outgrown your former self. Deep down you know that in order to set out along this path, you need to part ways with the old you. You don’t know what awaits around the corner, but the prospect of finding out, as frightening as it may seem, is too much to pass up. So what do you do?…

He booked a one way ticket. 

A lot of what I write about on here (those of you who have been following this journey for some time will have noticed this common theme cropping up again and again) is this notion of being able to tune into- and follow- the signs. There are many ways to express this, such as listening to your intuition, following your inner compass, or going with your gut.

It’s a practice that I have found in my experience to be incredibly powerful, and profoundly influential, if of course we allow it to manifest. I mean, if we can raise our awareness, tune in, and begin to make more of our decisions based on this premise, I think we will eventually find ourselves on the right path. Or if you prefer, we will be closer to realising- as Paulo Coelho so beautifully puts it- our Personal Legend. And isn’t this, if nothing else, the very purpose of why we are here?

I like to think so.

A wonderfully romantic notion indeed, but knowing something to be true is one thing, while experiencing it is quite another. Of course it is incredible to experience it for yourself, but when you witness a loved one navigating their way along the path and coming to terms with such powerful realisations, it can be equally as exciting and nourishing. Not only that, but it can inspire you to continue passionately along your own path.

So for that, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Very often we find ourselves in situations that make it incredibly difficult to simply throw caution to the wind, and make a decision that may (or may not) change things in our favour. And let it be known, that I’m not referring to such dilemmas as what biscuit to have with your tea (although that too can prove painfully difficult at the best of times). I’m referring to the kinds of decisions that weigh in the pit of your stomach; the kinds of decisions that reduce you to tears at the very thought of having to make them; the kinds of decisions that will rip the carpet from under your feet, and turn what you perceived to be your life, inside out; the kinds of decisions that will tear you from the clutches of comfort, and may inevitably hurt your loved ones in the process.

These decisions, as much as they may feel right for you and your journey, are terribly painful to make. Family, friends, and spouses may try to talk you out of it, doing so with the best of intentions at the time of course, but nobody can fully comprehend the unique and powerful energy that flows through you; the reasoning behind what drives your decisions is yours and may only be comprehended by you, and only you can truly know what is best for yourself.

It takes immense courage and strength to be willing to tune into this frequency, to listen to what our hearts are trying to tell us, and then of course, to take action. If and when you do find the courage within to act in accordance with the universe- your intuition, your inner compass, your gut feeling- the benefits you will reap and the growth you will experience as a result, will be vast. Indeed, it will change your life as you know it forever.