My Inspiration

The most inspirational person in your life- a subject choice we love to delve into and discuss. We are a curious bunch, who like to know what kind of person inspires each other, who motivated you in the past, or encourages you to be the best you can be. These people are a reflection on you, and people are intrigued as to who they are and what they’ve done, to have influenced you in such a positive way either consciously or subconsciously. If they had a part to play in your successions, or helped shape you into the person you are today, then they deserve to be spoken about.

This is why we are curious. How did you get this far in life, and who was it that helped you- be it a parent, a neighbor or a friend perhaps. Because it could be anyone, and that’s just it, not one of us have gotten to where we are solely due to our own perseverance. The people we surround ourselves with, and the people that were in our lives as children, have a huge part to play in how we live our lives, how we think and act. What’s interesting is the diversity in support systems and inspiring figures in our lives. We can be lucky and have incredibly inspiring people around us to learn from, fall back on, and enjoy life with. That is exactly what I did with my grandmother, and everyday I spent with her was full of love, laughter and a lot of fun.

For me, there are very few people that have inspired me, and touched me on such a loving level as Mary Murray- a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, loyal friend and loving person. There are a handful of people that I can gladly admit helped me along the way to curve my character. My morals and outlook on life situations and challenges are the way they are because of those close to me throughout my life, and who were there as I grew up to make sure I understood the difference between right and wrong; selfish and selfless, ambitious and gluttonous.

More than that, she is the person I think of when I’m in a stressful situation, a happy occasion, a memorable moment or without a reason at all only to spend a thought on her memory. There is no occasion or event that comes to mind when I think of her, but her powerful character and infectious happiness. The mere memory of her is all I need and having her close to my thoughts even still today gives me the love and support that she always gave me when she was alive.

My grandmother was one of a kind. She was an incredibly strong woman, raring nine children with little support financially or otherwise. Her journey through life was a bumpy one. She had it tough and always tried her best from what I heard as a child, and what I saw myself. What was heart warming, and what I still find inspiring today was her attitude and merry self no matter what she was going through. I was never able to be in a negative mood with her around, because she would naturally put a smile on my face with her continuous positivity. She didn’t need anything to be happy, she was happy for life itself. I always try and see the positives in life, one of the most important aspects of happiness to me and I know that this attitude stems from the inspiration that she unknowingly instilled in me growing up. The subtly of her lessons never went unheard.

We all say that we should focus on the important things in life. That family, and friends are all we need to be happy. To have love in your life will make you the richest person, yet we find ourselves influenced by consumerism. We get sucked into superficial desires, drawn towards what we ought to have, and pushed to perfection in every context. It was always so refreshing to spend time with my grandmother, who really couldn’t care less about objects or possessions, who got the highest mark or who won the race. She was happy to watch you take part, and that’s what she lived for.

I realize that most of the elderly don’t care about materialistic things. Thankfully the hottest looks or slickest gadgets lose significance as you age, and only the important things in life stay with you. I’m not saying my grandmother was alone in her ways, but she managed to help me realize as a child growing up in this materialistic world, swayed by society, influenced by my peers and easily tempted by everyone around me, what’s really important as humans, and at our core existence all we really need.

I always felt this firm feeling of what to believe, what to ignore and how to enjoy the simplicity of things after spending time with my grandmother. Whether she was aware of her immense effect on me or not, I was so grateful to be in her company, finding it almost therapeutic at times. Spending some time with her would melt away any worries I’d have, and silence my inner voice for a while. I would slow down and live presently with her as she did everyday. Laughing at nothing, noticing everything.

Family was important to her. She worked hard for hers and was ultimately proud of her creation, an army of Murrays who all worshiped her for her efforts. She found pure joy in seeing her grandchildren, and would travel the county to see all of our faces. She wasn’t one to let her age get in the way, and I was always inspired by her physical energy as much as her mentality. She loved to play pitch and putt, she traveled the world with her children and had more friends than I will probably ever have.

Mary Murray passed away 6 years ago, with her family gathered around her to send her on her way. She is still very much alive in all of our hearts, and she is a huge part of all of us to this day. She was the super glue that held everyone together. She was the most loving, gentle, absolutely hilarious person I ever met and I learned so much from her that there are no words that can describe the gratitude I have for her.

I’m utterly thankful that she was in my life, that I have these memories with her, lessons from her and features of her. She still inspires me today, as she lives on through her family who are now scattered throughout the world. She can rest easy knowing that we are all happy, healthy and living life to the fullest.

We owe so much to her, and my life wouldn’t be the same without her.