Dia dhuit, agus fáilte go dtí mo bhlag!

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

A little bit about myself. I’m a native of ‘Lovely Laois’, a wonderfully modest county tucked away nicely in the midlands of Ireland. What’s Laois best known for I hear you ask? Off the top of my head…

  • The Rock of Dunamase
  • Emo Court
  • Tommy Murphy

The Rock of Dunamase

I can’t really say for sure where the idea for the name of this blog came from, most likely it just appeared on the page of my notebook while I was in one of my zoned-out states. That’s usually how it works for me; if I’m lucky enough to be holding a pen while I’m floating around in my own little world, ideas sometimes get written down. Anyway, yes I’m also an introvert, but more on that later. Again, I’m not fully sure why I felt it was important to mention this from the off, but I suppose it ties in with my reasons for starting the blog in the first place.

If I’ve come to understand anything in my 27 years, it’s that my passion (that is, the thing that drives me most) is self-development and personal growth. I crave new experiences, learning processes, and methods of progression both physically and mentally, in ways that make me happy and give me enjoyment. 

I felt the desire to start this blog mainly because I saw it as an opportunity to encourage one of my other passions, writing. I don’t know about you, but I find I am happier when I do more of the things that I actually enjoy. ‘Eh, duh!’ I know, it sounds obvious right?! I think, at least in my own experience, it’s easy to lose sight of that so I try to keep it in mind.

OK, so what am I going to write about exactly? Hmmm, maybe I didn’t think this through. I guess I hope to write about anything and everything; health, nutrition, education, fitness, travel, hobbies and interests, and any experience which I find beneficial towards my happiness, self-development and personal growth. You’ll just have to watch this space I’m afraid. I will also write about how I have eliminated, or hope to eliminate, negative influences (things that I feel hold me back in some way).

Here are some other thoughts as to why I decided to start this little project.

  • To learn from the experiences and ideas of others (introverts and extroverts alike) who are on their own path towards self-development and personal growth.
  • To learn more about myself, and others.
  • To provide an outlet for my inner world.

I think that pretty much covers it. Welcome! Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas at any time, I’m excited to get started…

Slán go fóill,

Goodbye for now,