Dear Me

If you could send a letter to yourself aged 16, what would you write in it? 

Mila Dorosh is a Millennial Coach and founder of BLV Coaching. As an empowering, inspiring coach she works with leaders, teams of mixed generations, and those who work for, with or towards the millennials, or who are just starting their self-discovery process. She has international experience and business expertise in China, and is currently based in Shanghai. 

Dear Me,

Oh dear, dear me. I am writing to you from shortly after our 30th birthday time-space. It is so good to talk to you. What I want to say first is that you are a bright and wonderful beam of light, having an amazing experience on Earth. And that I love you. Please don’t worry, you didn’t turn into an unstoppable narcissist after you were done with The Twenties. I think it is important for you to know that. And as with any love confession, I felt very nervous and inappropriate before I said it, and relieved and rewarded afterwards. I do hope it’s mutual!

I am not here to tell you what will happen to you in the coming years; all that experience- in whatever form- is there for you to live through on your own. There is one thing I can share though: whatever it is you are going through, when you look back, it will all make sense. These experiences shape the person you will become, and therefore, they present themselves for a very important reason.

So, if I am not here to tell you about the future, or tell you how to go about your life’s challenges (oh dear, don’t you love telling people how to do things), I’m sure you’re wondering what the rest of this letter will be about? It will be about you, and the things that I have learned from you, the things that I deeply cherish because of you, and keep here in this timeframe that I am writing from.

First, is the sky. I am still overcome by that same feeling of awe and amazement when I look up at night and see the stars; they call for me and make me wonder, billions of light years away, about planets and galaxies, black holes and time warps, about how it takes years for the light to reach this planet, and whoever or whatever existed there, might no longer be, and all for our benefit.

Second, is the thirst for learning. Losing myself in a brilliant book is still my favorite way to spend time, although I still get lazy about it sometimes, deciding to watch something stupid on TV instead. Who said we need to perfect with age? Your love for those who are around you, and the feeling of joy when you are with your nearest and dearest, especially family; to this day that bond remains strong. Even more so.

Third, dancing. It never gets old, day time, night time, alone or with friends in the club, latino, techno, African. Yet, I still cannot walk myself into a dance class without spending half the day convincing myself to go! What did we do wrong to put ourselves off dance studios? Why the hesitation, I still wonder.

Oh, and that amazing child-like joy of sitting in the car and being driven somewhere. Especially longer trips, especially at night, especially if the driver is male and you know him, and like him, and you have a hot drink in your hands!

Your ability to empathise, to forgive, to comprehend life.

How much you like to speak publicly, and to present. The excitement of preparation; going through the material; your ability to connect with the audience; attention to detail; the thrill of going live; the nerves, and overcoming them; all that is here with me.

The way you can tune into nature, and speak to the mountains, and hug the trees; embrace it. When you do you feel alive, and eternal, and none of that has changed, except I do most of that talking inside my head these days. I wonder why…

There are many other things that I have to keep from you. And many other things that have changed, which I promised myself I wouldn’t tell you about just yet. Well, OK. I will let one secret slip. Now that you are me, it is much easier to talk to 22-year old boys…

Always yours,