Bye Bye, Bikkies- But Before I Begin..

Something I have long wanted to get on top of in terms of it contributing to my health and well being, has been my nutrition.

I’m by no means a slob, but I do enjoy my bikkies and tae!


I don’t think we need to be experts to know that what we put into our bodies has an adverse effect on how we feel, how we look, and how we perform- physically and mentally.

As someone who has played sports for as long as I can remember, training and nutrition has been a huge part of my life.

I would cut out certain foods, and increase the intake of others, without really ever fully understanding why, and without knowing the effects of such changes.

To give you an idea of numbers- for the best part of 13 years, my weight has fluctuated from about 83 Kg to 90 Kg, depending on the sport, the time of year, the focus of my training, and of course, my diet.

As well as physical changes, I would notice changes in my moods and energy levels, depending on what I was putting in my body- but again- I had little or no knowledge as to what were the exact causes of such changes.

With the turn of the New Year being prime time to take stock and look to improve certain aspects of our lives, I had the urge to take a look at my nutrition to see what steps I can take to improve it.

I contacted a good friend of mine- a former teammate from our college rugby days- Fionn McSwiney.

Fionn is an expert in the field of Health and Exercise Science, currently lecturing in WIT and working towards his PhD.

I asked him if he could help me out, and the next morning we were Skyping; a welcome and long overdue catch up, before getting into the nitty gritty.

When he told me I could drink as much coffee as I wanted, I said sign me up!

A couple of days later I received an e-mail from Fionn, detailing everything there is to know about my new diet, including a personalised nutrition plan and a tailored shopping list describing what I should and shouldn’t eat. The plan is specifically built around my lifestyle, energy requirements and goals.

I will write about the experience and document my progress over the 12 weeks, starting Monday (tomorrow).

Hopefully during that time, Fionn will be able to come on board and talk more about the science behind the diet, and his research. Watch this space…

Bye bye, bikkies!