An Infinite Exploration

How do you know what you are capable of? Do you ever wonder how you would adapt to things completely out of your nature, your comfort zone, and everything you know? Scary as it may be, it’s an essential part of living and something we should incorporate into our lives no matter the scale of the challenge. With such pressure from the outside world, the media and the lives of super stars and successful people shoved in our faces, down our throats and through our ears, it gets a little disheartening, I know. We feel that there is no point in trying. We will never reach a state of accomplishment like these people, right? Wrong.

The only person you should compare yourself with, is you. Look at your life and how it has changed, how you have changed and how you continue to grow. By blocking out the roars that drown out your dreams, you are capable of achieving them. Listen to yourself and your ambitions, and whatever they are, go get them. If that is not our intention as human beings, living in this enormous enchanting world of ours, then what is?

Thanks to the mainstream media and superpowers of the world, we have been caught. We are trapped in a daily ritual of working for industries and corporations, without fully standing behind the work we do. In fact without standing at all. We go to work, where our main companion for the day is a computer screen, until we go home, where we sit in front of more electronics for the night. We have been caught.

Suckered into a lifestyle we were never destined to live. How have we let things get this bad? We have destroyed the planet more in the last 50 years, than in its entire history, and the people before us. This is not what was intended for us, and our planet is crying out for help. While we destroy it, we bury our curiosity of the world deep down with our ambitions. It’s time to stop. With everything. Stop demolishing the planet given to us, stop crushing our dreams, instead let’s chase them.

To wander the world is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Living a life of comfort is easily done, but without living up to your true potential, through epic failures along the way, is a wasteful life. We need to mess up. We need to get lost and fall down, to witness the brutality of the world first hand, and to witness the purity of love in all its layers. We need to walk the road less travelled, until we get blisters and bleed. Travelling fuels the burning desire of the explorer that resides within us. Your curiosity of the unknown should not be ignored, rather placed in the driver seat of your journey. To discover is to find truth, meaning, and clarity in every context. With all that there is, such variety, eccentricity and eclectic cultures to learn from, seeking and absorbing these things from people, to abstract qualities– is a cultural and educational necessity.

Our senses consume all that we experience. We inhale the intoxicating aura of discovery and become addicted to seeking it further. Different cultures, religions, rituals, societies and social norms. The good, the bad, and the extraordinarily scary are there for the taking, and should be grabbed with both hands, without regret.

You were not born into the world to work in a cubicle every day, and pay bills with the money you earn. You may substitute happiness in your lifestyle by buying a flat screen TV, to come home to after your monotonous day at the office, inevitably working to pay off said TV. It’s a vicious cycle we all get caught up in, and I’m just shooting in the wind here, but I don’t think this is our destiny. We have been caught.

We haven’t been given these incredible gifts and talents as individuals and as a species not to use them. You are a miracle. The mere fact that you were born at all is an outstanding miraculous blessing. It would be a crying shame to sit back and live your life on auto-pilot. Look at what we have achieved as humans, each successful person has conquered their accomplishments as a result of pure dedication upon realising their potential for greatness, and probably a healthy does of Weetabix. There is no magic secret out there, we are all the same. One of the greatest innovators of the 20th century, put it best.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.

– Henry Ford

Learn from the world. Learn from yourself– from the beautiful body given to you and what it can do for you. Learn from your mind and how it can teach you in so many ways. Travel to cultural capitals and delve into a developed metropolitan hub of skyscrapers and solar power systems. Travel to indigenous mountains and listen to tales of rural people of the past. Explore the oceans wrapped around us and the world under the sea. Fly as high as you can and for no apparent reason but because you can– jump. These experiences shape you as a person. They add layers to your spirit. Get in touch with the world and in turn, get in touch with yourself.

Whatever the outcome, success or failure, these opportunities are vital ingredients to proceed and progress in life. Practise failing, don’t be ashamed of it. You won’t ever learn as much from success. Acquire information to develop your mind and your mentality, as knowledge is power. With every encounter and experience, you learn more about yourself. Listen deeply to your inner self and study your soul. It is such a liberating and imperative part of living to truly know oneself, and is something most people fail to consider. Uncovering yourself as an individual is intertwined with uncovering the world around us, as we are all connected. Connected to each other, and to the world around us.

Let’s put things in perspective. Our galaxy- The Milky Way- is 100,000 light-years across. The next nearest galaxy is 1 million light-years away. There are some 50 to 100 billion galaxies in the universe. With all that has been uncovered in our universe, it still only accounts for 5% of its mass. Now look at planet earth, we as humans, and our existence. The odds of you being born are 1 in a trillion. We are but specks in this colossal universe of ours. The earth is special, and we are privileged to be walking it. Don’t waste that gift. Find out why YOU were the 1 out of a trillion. Use what gifts were given to you. Explore the world given to you, and find yourself.

An Irish girl with itchy feet currently living in South Korea, Elaina writes an adventure travel blog for those with big dreams and small pockets. A lover of fitness, the great outdoors and- you guessed it- adventure, she’s keen to experience as much as she can, because life is too short, and the world is too big not to!

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